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In 1927 the Toro Manufacturing Corporation, Minneapolis, Minnesota, began to produce a new golf course tractor. It would be smaller and lighter than their previous tractors. The "Junior Tractor" was made in several configurations. It could push or pull three "Super" (introduced 1923) ganged cutting units and could haul maintenance material around the golf course if built with a dump box.

The Toro tractors are similar to the "Worthington" Golf Course Tractor which first appeared in 1919. Originally based on Ford Model T components, Worthington later switched to Ford Model A components. A Worthington Golf Course Tractor Registry already exists as well as the Worthington Golf Tractors, group on Yahoo.

There is a Toro Tractor group on Yahoo.

This web page is intended to provide information about their history and to help in their restoration. These are original factory produced vehicles. They are not doodle bugs. They should not be stripped for their Ford parts!

circa 1933 Toro Golf Tractor

This picture is from a catalog of the time period.

The first style was called the "Junior Tractor". They were made through 1938 with production numbers possible as high as 2000 units.

circa 1939 Toro "Bullet" short wheel base Golf Tractor

This picture is from a catalog of the time period.

The second style was called the "Allen Tractor" which were in production from 1939 until June 1941. The motor was made by Hercules. It appears as though over 600 units were manufactured.

circa 1949 General Tractor

The owners of this beautifully restored Toro Golf Tractor are unknown. It is included in the hopes that they might be willing to contact us.

The third style is the "Series Tractor". Series I was made briefly in 1941 quickly followed by Series II. World War II stopped all production in 1942. Production resumed in 1946.

Currently no material is known to exist on the 1927 to 1930 Junior Tractors nor the "Allen Tractors" of 1939 to 1941. If you have any information, parts lists, or catalogs please let us know.

Chassis numbering probably started at number 101. This is not to be confused with the serial number of the motor.

It seems likely that these first tractors were made with Ford Model T components.

Tractors to serial number 548 (1933) used Ford Model A engines
Tractors from serial number 549 (1934) to 1407 used Ford Model B engines

Tractors to serial number 679 (1934) used Ford Model A front end
Tractors from serial number 680 (1935) used Ford Model B front end

Serial number 680 / early 1935
Serial number 760 / 5-17-1935
Serial number 844 / 1935
Serial number 1064 / early 1937
Serial number 1900 / late 1938

71" wheel base 89 3/4" wheel base 98" wheel base

Junior Tractor A Junior Tractor B
A-30 B-30
with dump body
1930-1931 1931

Husky Master Master
with dump body
1936-1938 1932-1938 1932-1938

Bullet Master Master
with dump body
1939-1941 1939-1941 1939-1941

If you have an early Toro Golf Tractor, please send us an e-mail.