Worthington Overgreen Reel Lawn Mower
History & Preservation Project @ North Farms

In 1928 the Worthington Mower Company, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, introduced their Overgreen mower. The mower was initially powered by an engine made specifically for them by the Indian Motocycle Company, Springfield, Massachusetts. In 1929 Worthington also used a purpose built engine made for them by the Harley Davidson Motor Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. These lawn mower engines are easily identified. The right side crankshaft protrudes through the side case to allow for a starting pulley to be attached and they both have cooling fans mounted. These are factory built original lawn mower engines. They should not be stripped for their parts. They were never used on motorcycles!

This golf course triplex greens mower pulled Worthington Shawnee or Scout cutting units. The tractor could also pull a 30" Fairway cutting unit or various other implements used for golf greens maintenance.

1928 Worthington Overgreen with Indian Motocycle engine

1932 Worthington Overgreen with Harley Davidson engine

1931 Harley Davidson engine
note square gas & oil tank as well as blower which kept cylinder cool

1948 Worthington Overgreen restoration project
Wisconsin engine being restored

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